Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April / May 2015

The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least.

Interest in the "After the sirens" presentation on emergency services and uniformed responder stress continues to grow, and several dates have been confirmed from Cole Harbour to Knoxville Tn.
In response to constructive comments I have created a site dedicated solely to the "After the sirens" presentation, at

I left Cole Hbr NS on May 11th for Fredericton, NB to deliver a presentation on my experienced with Emergency Services Stress.
It was after the Fredericton presentation that I realized the “After the sirens” presentation was not going to have the impact I had hoped.

My goal was to increase awareness and knowledge regarding stress related illness and give hope and insight to other responders who might someday find themselves in circumstances similar to mine a few years ago.

In attendance at the Hfx presentation the day before were; my girlfriend, my mother, two of my aunts, and one EMS colleague. So the score is Family 4, Responders 1. The Fredericton tally was 2 paramedics and 1 no show.

Until then I had been cautiously optimistic that while very few email confirmations occurred there would be several more who would just show up for the presentation. Not so much.
With costs mounting and interest seemingly nonexistent I decided to cancel the remaining presentations that had been tentatively scheduled for the month of May down the US Eastern Seaboard.

Arizona in June however is still a go. 
So was the motorcycle component of the trip.
More to come on that.

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