Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy New Year! It’s road trip planning time

I did three bad things this past year; I worked way too much, and I rode way too little, and I spent way too little time behind the lens. That said, I did do a few things well; I made great progress on my house renovation, I picked up some new camera gear, and I spent some quality time with my family.

Now that my Sporty is in the basement (2005 1200 Custom) I am suffering from the “I miss riding my Harley blues”. On the bright side it’s the end of January there are only two more months to go before it’s reasonably decent weather for riding back home. Anything above 10 degrees and dry = good riding weather to me.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I have no bad habits (that I want to change) and I’m not a big fan of bucket lists because most of what is in the bucket stays in the bucket, unless of course you’re a person of means, which I’m not.

I do however believe in what I like to call setting “next up” goals. Every year I look at my work calendar and I make a plan for a road trip. Since I work away five weeks at a time I have six decent breaks every year there is ample time for me to get away at least once. 

This year I’m setting several major goals.
  • Deliver a series of presentations on emergency services stress to groups of uniformed responders.
  • Find the right model, the right bike, and the right location for a commercial photography shoot.
  • Make a road trip to at least one major motorcycle event.
  • Make it to another Nascar race.
  • Raise money for charity.
My other goals are much less lofty and include;
  • Tweet more
  • Blog more
  • Ride more
  • Shoot more
  • Relax more

If everything goes as planned I will achieve most of my goals by the time my birthday comes around in August. After that I’ll have to work on another set of “next” goals.







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