Saturday, December 13, 2014

Riverpirate Times Fall 2014

Where does time go?
I'll tell you where. Down too many roads in a car and a bus, through too many airport terminals to count, across time zones aplenty, and to continents far and wide.
It also passes through untold nails through an airgun, hundreds of steps up ladders and scaffolding, a thousand meals, hundreds of sleeps, and one kiss at a time.
Like most of you, my year flew past. My work on the ship took me far and near, our renovation project used most of my free days, and the remainder of the rest were spent in transit from home to farm, and from home to boat and back.
I'm another year older and hopefully wiser. At the rate I'm going I'll be right smrt before you know it.
I joined Pinterest this year, a milestone truth be told, however, I remain an elusive foe of Fakebook. As for LinkedIn, I continue to get endorsements from people I've never laid eyes on, never worked with, and who couldn't pick me out of a police lineup. Not that I've been IN a police lineup, but you get my drift.
This fall I found a break in the action and started the Riverpirate Times Fall edition. Life and the wind-up satellite internet on board caused me to put it on hold again.
At long last, here is;

Hope you enjoy

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