Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pocono Nascar Newletter FINALLY

In the months since my trip last August I've been working off of Newfoundland, Scotland, and Norway.
I’ve crossed the Atlantic twice, sailed from Norway to Gibraltar, and I am currently working half way around the world off the west coast of Australia.
Since  beginning this newsletter of sorts, RB and I bought a farm about 45 minutes North of Halifax, and we added another slobbery beast to our family, a female Dane pup named Maggie. Three Great Danes. WTH are we thinking?
Anyway I’ve been in reno hell ever since Sept., trying to get the house touchups finished so we can get it listed, and trying to get the farm ready to move into.
Added together, these are the reasons my spare time is limited and why it has taken almost five months to document my trip and say thank you.
The links below contain the three newsletters that make up Vol 1, Jan 2013 Newsletter. I hope to do more and do it better in 2014.

I will however add to the Pocono portfolio page in the fullness of time.

"When life throws you a curve, lean into it."

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