Sunday, June 21, 2015

Home from Arizona

Life has finally caught up with me again.
I am home from Arizona and the AEMS Odyssey conference and am humbled and privileged to have had the opportunity to speak to such a wonderful group of uniformed responders and health care practitioners. For more information go to

During my Arizona odyssey I got to experience the valley of the sun and all of it's glorious 111 degree F (43 C) heat. Dry heat my ass.
I met some nice folks in Arizona, some bikers, some who wish they were bikers, some reformed criminals, some photography buffs, some aspiring photography buffs, and some people who reinforced that there is still good in the world.
I also got to go to two Harley dealerships, Chester's in Mesa and Superstition HD in Apache Junction. If you get to the Phoenix area take the trip out to Apache Junction and check out Superstition HD. The owners of Mother Road Harley Davidson in Kingman Az recently bought Superstition when the previous owners retired, and while I don't know what the place was like before, it's absolutely fantastic now. The folks are super nice, the place is immaculate and well laid out, and the selection is second to none. I've been in HD dealerships around the world, and Superstition definitely is in the top three.
Once I'm back on the ship and have time to go through my images I'll put some shots up from the Arizona trip and from the trip to Tn. Till then, I have a son who's graduating, a baby Blue Great Dane to chase after, my youngest son has recently moved in with us while I'm home from the ship, a Sporty to ride, renovations to do, and then I have to get back into the mindset of leaving home for work after a luxurious eight weeks off.
To my Dad and all of you Dad's out there, Happy Father's Day. Be safe, ride hard and often, and take care of those you love.

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