Monday, February 6, 2012

Riverpirate Motorcycle Photography

I got into photography in 2008 while recuperating from an injury and complications, and I've been a biker longer than that. By chance I had the opportunity to take a few bike shots while travelling, and something clicked because I've been shooting bikes ever since.

The name Riverpirate comes from my time living alongside a river in a little piece of heaven. The river was where we'd often gather for a cool beverage, and I could often be found in a lawn chair mid river (it was a shallow part) with a straw cowboy hat and a glass of rum. I was a landlocked pirate with no ship, no compass, and no wind for my sails.
My first DSLR was a Sony Alpha, moved to the world of Canon with a 40 D, then a 60 D, and now I shoot with an EOS 7D.

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